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My radio activities and awards

Some communication paths from VA7QI.Some communication paths from VA7QI.Operating

I operate mainly DX currently using FT8 and FT4 with some HF rag chewing and nets. I also enjoy weak signal work on VHF, such as Meteor Scatter, satellites and special propagation conditions.

Note:  If I call for a particular area and you are not in that area, I will generally not work you, so try to minimize the QRM by not calling me.  You are just wasting power or creating QRM for somebody else.

I get especially irate when some idiot calls me on my frequency thereby obliterating the DX that I am trying to work!

Will do the odd contest on CW or SSB

Sorry,  I do not have QSL cards, but I will regularly upload my log to LoTW.  If I receive QSL cars with "green stamps" the money will be donated to charity of my choice.

While I have built some of my gear in the past, I only do the occasional tinkering now.  But I do like to experiment with antennas!


Award Status - all digital (confirmed by LoTW) started October 2016 - updated 18Mar2021:

  • DXCC:    Total: 227
  •                 160m:  58
  •                 80m:   103
  •                 40m:   121
  •                 30m:   161
  •                 20m:   180
  •                 17m:   134
  •                 15m:    63
  •                 12m:   25
  •                 10m:   10
  • WPX 1912
  • WAZ (applied for)
  • WAS 160 m
  • VUCC 6m