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LID Stations

Some Examples of LIDs

The following stations have demonstrated very poor operating skills.  These are just some examples of the latest.  I have a long list of LIDs - and I WILL NOT WORK LIDS!  No matter how many times they call.


First, here are some particularly bad LIDs:

N3GX - has on several occasions continuously called me on my frequency when I was trying to work DX.  Even though I made it very clear that his call was not wanted and also that he was creating QRM.  I am not sure if he is of low intelligence or just letting WSJT-X run until it times out.  I have recorded him doing this on the following dates: 05Apr2021, 06Apr2021, 07Apr2021, 15Apr2021 and 18Apr2021.

K9XP - same as N3GX above, but in addition, started calling CQ on the frequency when I refused to work him.  Clearly lacking in maturity.  The following dates were recorded: 16Apr2021, 28Apr2021, 29Apr2021, 03May2021 and 04May2021.

AC9XW - is obviously trying to harass me.  He starts calling CQ right on my frequency continuously even though I tell him the frequency is in use.  If I QSY he will follow.  I do not have the date of the first occurrence of this behaviour, but the following dates are recorded:  24Mar2021 and 01May2021.  Obviously a sick individual.  If I have further occurrences, I will contact the FCC.


Second, here are some stations that have earned the title LIDs. The list starts with most recent event first.  To clarify: these are stations that have first politely been told, then using stronger language (i.e. "LID") and then still continued:


NK9I - 29Apr2021  Grossly overdriven station with a very strong 3rd audio harmonic obliterating a portion of the band.  He continued operating this way even though he was told about the problem.

VE3SSV - 10Apr2021 It appears that Americans are not the only people that are geographically challenged.  This individual has called me several times when I call CQ Europe - right on my frequency.  On the date mentioned he proceeded by calling CQ.  

W2GH - 28Mar2021 Suddenly called CQ on my frequency and kept working a station even though I told him the frequency was in use

KJ6OWI - 18Mar2021 and again 23Mar2021

K4VXD - 18Mar2021

N3DGE - 18Mar2021 All 3 of these idiots kept QRM'ing me by calling me on my frequency when I was trying to call Europe on 40m.  Some are obviously not reading their screens, are deliberately obnoxious or simply stupid.  N3DGE was the worst of the lot - kept calling at least 20 times.  40 m is a sandbox band at the best of times, but these LIDs should be banned from HF forever.  They are now on my LID list and will never be worked.  Don't waste your time or mine - twits.  

KG5SFT - 28Jan2021  Suddenly started calling CQ overlapping my frequency hence creating QRM.  Repeated requests to QSY were ignored.  A true LID that does not seem to understand basic cooperation among Radio Amateurs.

N0KQG - 27Jan2021  Continuously calling me on my frequency while I was calling CA South America.  Perhaps he thinks that's where he lives.  Maybe he should move there so there is one fewer LID in North America.

VE3FTG - 27Jan2021  same as W0AAD below.

W0AAD - 27Jan2021  Calling me on 20 m when I am calling for another continent.  I sometimes wonder if people like that cannot read the screen or are simply too dumb know which continent he lives on

KG4IXS - 24Jan2021  Once again this idiot does not seem to understand that calling me on my frequency when I am trying to listen to weak DX causes QRM and demonstrates VERY poor operating skills.  A repeated LID.  This was on 12 m.

K0BJJ - 24Jan2021  Started calling CQ right on my  frequency, which I had used for a while.  He did hear me, I'm sure.

N1MRG - 21 Jan2021  Called me many times although I was calling CQ for a different continent.  He kept calling although I made it clear that he was creating QRM

AJ6T - 18Jan2021 Called on the frequency on 30 m I had been using for several minutes.  A polite request to QSY was ignored.

K4TXX - 09Jan2021 Called many times on my frequency while I was calling CQ EU on 30 m - even after I asked him to QSY.  Thanks LID for creating QRM so I couldn't hear the callers from Europe.

KL7QW - 05Jan2021 Same as above.  This time it was on 20 m.

KG5CR - 28Dec2020 Called many times on 30 m while I was calling CQ EU.  After making it clear that I did not want to work him, he demonstrated his level of maturity by calling CQ on the frequency.  A LID and obviously has a mental problem.

K7YVR - 23Dec2020 same behaviour as KG5CR.  A LID and immature.  Grow up!

KG4IXS - 12Dec2020 called me continuously on frequency on 15 m even though I made it clear that I did not want to work him.  Again, I may have lost some weak DX station because of this LID.  He did the same on 09Dec2020, BTW.  Later he tried to tell me that he needed my grid, thereby creating more QRM.

KB6IQ - 10Dec2020 started calling CQ on the frequency I had been working on for at least 1/2 hour.  Either this idiot does look at the screen before he starts transmitting or he just doesn't care.  Either way a LID.

N6NII - 03Dec2020 Started calling CQ on the frequency I had been working on for a while.  I really wonder if he looked at the screen before transmitting.  My repeated attempts to remind him that frequency was in use was ignored.  Unattended operation - check this guy out FCC.

K2TV - 03Dec2020 same behaviour as N6NII.

KD2HWD - 03Dec2020 (several LIDs that day) Called me continuously on 20 m while I was calling CQ to another continent.  Kept calling after I let him know that he was creating QRM.  Yet another LID.